Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black bobby pins

Materials: Vintage black buttons with a very cool flower and ridged pattern. Bobby pins measure about 2" in length.

Materials: Black buttons over-layed with purple tulle, white buttons, and purple wire.

Materials: Grey buttons, grey/silver buttons, cream tulle, and purple wire

Materials: Vintage black, woven fabric buttons about the size of a penny.

Materials: Vintage, black, rounded buttons that flatten out on the back a little. Dainty, simple, and cute.

White bobby pins

Please reference the number underneath the picture to specify which pair you want to order.

# 115
Materials: Vintage white and silver buttons with clear edge

Materials: Vintage white, cone shaped buttons with shell-like pattern

Materials: One opaque square and one silver square button with faux-diamond in center

Materials: Vintage white buttons with impressed flower pattern. Shiny!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Julie's brooch

This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry so far, so I thought I'd share. I made it for my friend and gave it to her as a birthday present. I figured a brooch was a good alternative for someone who doesn't wear a lot of clips in her hair.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pink bobby pins

Please reference the numbers underneath the pics to help specify which ones you would like to buy.SOLD

Materials: Pink and brown buttons with purple wire. Small, approx. 1/4" across. Subtle and cute.

Compass bobby pins

Materials: Unique, antique white and silver compass buttons on bobby pins. Buttons measure 1" across

Purple bobby pins

All bobby pins pictured are for sale unless marked "sold". Please reference the numbers underneath the pics to specify which ones you would like to buy.
Materials: purple and lavender buttons, purple tulle, purple wire

Materials: Round, antique purple buttons on bobby pins

ka-BLUE-ie (bobby pins)

Bobby pins are 2" in length, buttons are less than 1/2" across. They are available for sale unless marked as "SOLD". Please reference the numbers underneath pictures when ordering. SOLD


Materials: electric blue buttons, navy buttons, navy wire, purple and white tulle on bobby pins

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gigantic Brooch

This one has a pin on the back so you can wear it on your favorite jacket. It measures around 1 3/4" across. #119
Materials: white and brown antique buttons with white tulle on a brooch pin.